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CowGirl Tiara™ Premium-Themed Brims

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The original CowGirl Tiara™ features unique premium-themed brims with patterns created by me! Whether you are a horse-lover, dog-lover or hunter (to name just a few) we can provide a unique patterns for your hat!

Your order will include:

- Choice of hat color (Black, Brown, Navy, Light Pink, Khaki Green, and Light Grey) and all hats have the CowGirl™ Logo on the back!

- Your choice of bead colors.

- Your chosen brim design! Current patterns available are the Horseshoe, Puppy Paw, Puppy Paw and Bone, and Camo brims. We are constantly adding new exciting designs to our line, so check back often! Have a special request? Just contact us! 

 Pair your brim with one of our signature focal designs, your brand or we can create one to make your hat completely uniquely you!  This gives you the ability to "mix and match" your hat, brim, and focal design! The possibilities are endless! 

**Please allow 3-4 weeks for your custom order. Custom created focals, like your brand, will require additional time. Feel free to contact me to collaborate!** 

 **Note these are made with glass seed beads, and while they are sturdy they can break with impact, so care should be taken while wearing.**