Beaded One Ear Headstall (custom order) ~ Traditional Native Bead Stitch

Sleepy Holow Leather


Custom Order your customized hand beaded one ear leather headstall finished in the traditional native bead stitch. Colors are of your choosing! This type of beading allows the beads to hug the leather and eliminate any ugly bulging like other bead stitches.

This headstall is eye catching bead art is unique and no two are every alike! This will look amazing on your buddy! 

*Note* In order to keep costs down and allow for more affordable items for you, I did not make the leather headstall on this particular item. Headstall stock from my supplier can change without notice and price can vary slightly (plus $10-$20). Price can be confirmed if you contact me. :) Also, I can custom make a headstall if you like. Again, contact me for a quote.

 **Note these are made with glass seed beads, and while they are sturdy they can break with impact, so care should be taken while wearing**

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