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Mirrix Looms 

The only loom I use!  Solid construction, portable, and unprecedented warp tension. I have tried many looms and this was thee best investment that I made. Proud owner of the Mini, Lani, and Little Guy! I am also the only Certified Canadian instructor. 

I have been a guest blogger for Mirrix  and here are the links to each post:

- Ladder bracelet with a Mirrix 

- Bead Inlay Dog collar 


Leather Crafter & Saddlers Journal 

A great resource for the beginner or advanced leather worker. This magazine will keep you in touch with the latest in the industry plus give you practical information from accomplished leather workers to improve and grow. Sleepy Holow was featured in the above pictured edition for and article on Beading Basics


 Alberta's Own Marketplace 

Sleepy Holow is very thrilled to be a part of this great little store situated in beautiful Canmore, Alberta. Alberta's Own celebrates the talent and tenacity of its people, proudly offering a stage to showcase all that this great province is made of. Alberta's Own invites you to shop local and support the stories weaving the fabric of our community. Here you can find Sleepy Holow's dog collars, beaded earrings, CowGirl Tiaras, beaded gemstones, and leather bead inlay bracelets.

The Hat Doctor

Sleepy Holow is very proud to have partnered with the amazing folks at Hat Doctor. 

What better way to finish off your individually hand-crafted custom hat than with a custom beaded hatband from Sleepy Holow! Sleepy Holow uses only high quality glass Japanese or Czech beads and bands are finished with traditional sliding adjustable ties.

As a very exciting addition, the beaded brim trend from the USA is now available here exclusively at Hat Doctor! This is the only Alberta company offering custom hand-beaded hat brims in partnership with Sleepy Holow! 

Stop by their store, located just outside Calgary, to see the samples on hand of beaded brims and hatbands and, of course, to also see and order a custom hat! 


Leather Wrangers 

Sleepy Holow is very proud to have partnered with Rosa & Paul at Leather Wrangers!  We created the first beta beaded SK-V in 2015! Now, by request, they are back but this time better than ever!  Leather Wranglers produces a high-quality SK (and other great leather knives!) that is known for holding a great edge which means less sharpening for you and an ultra-smooth cut. 

Functionality meets art with the beaded SK-V!  Adorned by hand with tiny 15/o Japanese seed beads in traditional Native bead stitch or in peyote. The SK-V is fully customizable from the width, blade, and yoke to the bead colors and design. Orders yours here!

Paws Pet Food & Accessories

Sleepy Holow is proud to have partnered with Paws Pet Food & Accessories on 17th Avenue in Calgary!  You can find our collars and pet tag holders there! Paws has been in business for over 30 years and is locally owned. What a great way to shop and support local!  Be sure to check out all of the amazing goodies they have for your best buddy.